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  • Please Say this admin to bee goodDatum27.07.2013 15:08
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Warnungen & Banns

    Hero warn me Three times Because i say "Because hes girlfriend leave him and he is angry" that isnt insult

  • For DFE clanDatum27.07.2013 14:01
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Bewerbungen zum Clan

    Application for the DFE Clan

    Real Name:Dzejlan Husovic
    Ingame Name:[SAG]EVIL
    Nationality: (You country or Adress is here not asked.)

    Contact able in: (Skype or smth.) (Its free to say the Name/email)
    you can contact me at skype:dzejlandw,,and

    Sawn-Off, Uzi and M4 are our traditional weapons at our clan, how good are you with those weapons ?

    Skills with Sawn-Off: (?/10) (Rate you Skills with 1 to 10 [1 bad, 10 good])
    Skills with Uzi: (?/10) (Rate you Skills with 1 to 10 [1 bad, 10 good]
    Skills with M4: (?/10) (Rate you Skills with 1 to 10 [1 bad, 10 good]


    How good is you overall Deatmatch knowladge ?

    Deathmatch Skills: (?/10) (Rate you Skills with 1 to 10 [1 bad, 10 good]
    2-Shot knowladge: (Yes or No)
    C-Bug knowladge: (Yes or No)
    Slide-Bug knowladge: (Yes or No)[/smal

    2-shot Yes
    C-bug Yes
    Slide-Bug Yes

    How long are you Playing SA-MP? [small][rot](Year/Months)
    I playing SA-MP 2 years

    Ever be in a GTA- Clan ? (If yes which and how long and why not more? )
    Im in Clan SAG and i dont want to be i want to join in best clan in server DFE

    How long and how often do you play? (Day or in a Week)
    I play on server 8 to 9 h on server

    On which Servers do you play? (Just the names not the IP´s !)
    Just on DFE because is Best

    How did you find us ? (Write atleast one Sentence!)
    I searching some servers and find DFE

    In what are you the best ingame? (Write atleast one Sentence!)
    In weapons like:Sawn-Off,Race and also derby

    Application: (Write a free text about you [atleast three senteces!)
    i am Dzejlan i am 12 year old and i live in small country Montenegro in town Rozaje

    I have read the Clan rules. Yes[x] No[] (Mark with a X!)

    I accept the Clan rules. Yes[x] No[] (Mark with a X!)

  • I see HackerDatum24.07.2013 10:31
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Report Center

    xLimitizZ is hacker Reload Hack i have Video i just waiting Uploading Video and i will Post it

  • This is [SWAT]N.Vator problemDatum22.07.2013 13:17
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Serverprobleme / Bugs

    he is banned for no reason he say Admin not Banned Him He not using Hack or Cheats

  • Ohhhhh not again this bugggggDatum21.07.2013 21:40
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Serverprobleme / Bugs

    I cant loginnn againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fixxxxxxxx thisssssssssssssssssssssss when i come to server i spawned at lv not at my house and when i type /carmenu Server says you must be logged in to call your vehicle i type /login my password
    and Server says Unknow Command

  • Three HackersDatum16.07.2013 18:06
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Report Center

    First Hacker 1.Name [PSY]Gangam_Style he have two acc and his second Account is [ZR]Max_Payne:Reload Hack
    Second Hacker 2.Name [PSY]Dick he have two acc too and his second account is [PSY]Kadi Reason:Reload HAck
    3.Hacker Name:Ahad_Mahmood he just have this acc Reason Healt Hack

    Please Admins Bann Hackers
    And Hacker Accounts

  • Please Say this Supporter to bee goodDatum16.07.2013 16:03
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Report Center

    [DFE]DarkMaster Warned Me Reason:Insult im not Insulting he just give me a warn

  • Roy Write ThisDatum09.07.2013 15:13
    Thema von [PK]DELGADO im Forum Papierkorb
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