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  • aboodDatum26.05.2009 13:37
    Thema von aboodxz9 im Forum Bewerbungen zum Clan
    Your real name:abdulrahman
    Your name in SA-MP:abood999
    Your age:13
    Are you a boy/man or a girl/woman?:boy
    In this Chatrooms you are attainable:yes
    Your favourite weapon in game (SA-MP):Sawnoff Shotgun
    Your favourite car in game (SA-MP):inferus
    Your deathmatch skills (1/10):7

    How long you play SA-MP:1year

    How did you come to us?: (min. 1 sentence!)my freind told me about it

    Why do you want to join our clan (DFE)? (min. 1 sentence!)because its cool and nice and sweet

    What is your strenght in game (SA-MP)? (min. 1 sentence!)good strenght


    I have read the clan rules. Yes[1] No[] (Please put a tick into !)

    I have accept the clan rules. Yes[1] No[] (Please put a tick into !)
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