SA::Render (SanAndreas 7th-gen. Graphic Engine)

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Dev team: DK22Pac, PetkaGtA

SA::Render - modification which replaces and improves some graphical aspects of game. It brings some new things you possibly saw in new games or even in GTA 4.

Main things it features:
-Deffered lighting;
-Shadow mapping;
-Improved rendering for peds, vehicles, objects, water and some other things, including: dynamic diffuse lighting, per-pixel specular, normal mapping;
-Soft particles;
-Post effects.

...see other features and GTAForums official topic (project stopping by devs.)


■DOWNLOAD SA::Render Public Beta v0.1■

Warning: This MOD do not working ATI/AMD graphic cards. (game graphics have very bug.)
~Nvidia cards nothing have problem, stable working~

-ASI Loader's copy to game main folder.
-VC++ Redistributable (2013) install this SDK.
-Copy MOD files to game main folder.
-Launch game >> Options >> Display >> Advanced >> Antialising set to "off"
-yeah! complete. Start game.

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RE: SA::Render (SanAndreas 7th-gen. Graphic Engine)

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von Andrew RyanMafioso | 418 Beiträge

Thats Real Crazy man

Homelands Beast.
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RE: SA::Render (SanAndreas 7th-gen. Graphic Engine)

in GTA Area 26.03.2016 12:50
von FNFFreakAttentäter | 290 Beiträge

ahh come on .... i got an AMD gpu ......

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