He's alive!

An old friend () of the DFE clan and ex-fanboy of the FreeZone server is still alive!
Who is it?

Yes it's Timmy94! He apparently started again a new project...another one. (Perhaps the 50th failed project...)

Story: I just walked along a road and looked randomly at the lantern to an advertising brochure. Then I saw it! Timmys new server...but the server IP in the advertising brochure was blurred by the rain or so... ()
Then I went home immediately to recover the blurred font of the advertising brochure. I've used high technology and expensive tools to recover the blurred font and...it worked!

Of course I want to spread my joy therefore and here is the advertising brochure that I found at a random lantern on the street:

Availability of 47% is not bad...after all, more than 31. As ex-admin on the DFE server some years ago he spent his whole time with masturbation and scratching (like an emo). But this seems to be a progress!


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