What can I do on this server?

Yes, you read it correctly.

You just connected to a server called "FreeZone". A server name that is similar to a FREEROAM server that have listed these modes: TDM - RACE - DERBY - DRIFT (and more stuff) but you still don't know what to do on the server...alright, no problem...

We explain every player, what you have to do on a FREEROAM server, that gives you WEAPONS (pssst to kill some players) on every spawn and some MONEY to buy a HOUSE, that can be found around every corner... :-)

[12/10/2014 16:58:36] [chat] [Frazer]: cam amupme tell me what do we have to do here?
[12/10/2014 16:58:44] [chat] [D3ATH]: Frazer /31
[12/10/2014 16:58:48] [chat] [Frazer]: can anyone tell me what do we have to do here?
[12/10/2014 16:58:50] [chat] [D3ATH]: Thats all what you have to do
[12/10/2014 16:59:00] [chat] [D3ATH]: everything else is useless
[12/10/2014 16:59:00] [chat] [Roy]: You can masturbate here
[12/10/2014 16:59:10] [chat] [Frazer]: and what else?
[12/10/2014 16:59:19] [chat] [D3ATH]: Well what else do you want to do ?
[12/10/2014 16:59:24] [chat] [Roy]: you can do bellydances
[12/10/2014 16:59:27] [chat] [D3ATH]: I mean you can enjoy yourself
[12/10/2014 16:59:27] [chat] [Frazer]: no missions or stuff?
[12/10/2014 16:59:35] [chat] [D3ATH]: Nah just masturbating
[12/10/2014 16:59:36] [ADMINCHAT][11] Hero:abi XDDD
[12/10/2014 16:59:40] [ADMINCHAT][4] Roy: :D:D:D
[12/10/2014 16:59:43] [ADMINCHAT][13] Pessimist: :D
[12/10/2014 16:59:45] [chat] [Frazer]: well then thats a waste of time
[12/10/2014 16:59:48] [chat] [Frazer]: bye
[12/10/2014 16:59:50] [chat] [D3ATH]: cya
[12/10/2014 16:59:50] [ADMINCHAT][11] Hero:LOL

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