[TUTORIAL]: How to be a Roleplay/Reallife player

This is my first tutorial and today's topic is how to be a Roleplay/Reallife player.

Important, read the stuff in the spoiler before you continue to read the tutorial:

Warning: This tutorial includes mostly just stereotypes and therefore no one should take it too seriously! I also don't want to offend anyone. It's just fun.

1. You need to play the most time on Roleplay/Reallife servers. If you join any other server (Non Roleplay/Reallife), never show any kind of humor. You don't know what is fun and you must be serious. You must also ask someone "How to get a driving license?" even if there are overall vehicles for free.

2. As you know everything must be "real" in your gameplay, therefore never use the Reload-Bug (2-Shot) and call every player who use this bug a cheater.

3. You need to mod. your game completely, even your weapons. Your weapons need to be extremly shiny and abnormally large. Here one example:
- http://www.bilder-hochladen.net/files/big/aq9v-th-995e.jpg
That's not all. You only like Lagshot and you really hate Skinshot because every player (even a noob) can own you. For this reason you need to mod. your Hitbox so the most players can't hit you so good. The best way is to mod. your skin.

4. You must be arrogant. Pay attention to large and lower case and on point and comma. (Even in the ingame chat!!!)

5. To be a real hardcore Roleplay/Reallife player you need to follow your owners commands and make good advertisings in foreign servers. Here is a good example:
"Best (Reallife/Roleplay?) Server -> INSERT HERE THE IP OF THE SERVER <- We Need Admins, Gangleaders and Cocks - Free VIP"

6. You have to criticize everything on foreign servers, even if you know that the server you have joined has better atmosphere and gameplay.

7. One day you will be banned from your favorite Roleplay/Reallife server. What to do then? Right, you just open your own server!

- First step: You need a gamemode, download it here http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=7797 (Do not worry, SA-MP is anyway 50% of Godfather servers [including edited versions]...)

- Second step: Find a server name! Some examples:
- Deluxe Reallife
- Sunshine Roleplay
- Ultra Reallife
- Diamond Roleplay
- Gold Reallife
- <Insert any fucking word here> Roleplay
(Don't worry, I will not tell anyone that you get the names from me...)

- Third step: Your server is suddenly opened but you need players. You know how to get them...right? :-)

If you've done everything correctly, you should be a very good Roleplay/Reallife player!

Tutorial by Roy

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